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Dryad Maritime Intelligence Service spokesmen have extensive experience in interviews with TV, Radio, and written media. Our aim is to help the media give a balanced and genuinely informed advice, opinion and interpretation to the public on stories pertaining to:
  • Maritime Piracy
  • Maritime terrorism
  • Trafficking of people, weapons, drugs and other contraband by sea
  • General stories including the Royal Navy and Navies in general including those on:
    • Equipment procurement or paying off
    • All aspects of maritime warfare
  • Military Diving, Mine Clearance, Bomb Disposal, under water sabotage and counter sabotage.

Members of the press can register to be included on press releases and statements by sending the following details to :
  • Name
  • Position
  • Company / organisation
  • Contact details

Contact details and biographies of Dryad's media spokesmen will then be returned for your files.

Dryad is always happy to assist and advise in journalists conducting initial background research for stories.

In the event of a story in the running order that requires a guest, please contact Dryad's press enquiry line on: +44 (0) 845 060 0072