Maritime Crime Figures for Q1 2016

Looking to gain a greater understanding of maritime crime to help inform your maritime crime strategy for the year ahead? Download our free Maritime Crime Figures for Q1, 2016.

Providing commentary on maritime piracy and crime around the world, the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and the increase in criminal activity in the Gulf of Guinea; Dryad’s Maritime Crime Figures for Q1, 2016 outline the diverse and complex threats that shipping companies and mariners face. This latest in-depth report from Dryad Maritime gives an overview of maritime crime incidents in Dryad’s main reporting areas of; the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, as well as the rest of the world, from 1 January to 31 March 2016. It offers Dryad’s analysis of these events, highlights key trends and describes what these could mean for ship owners and managers operating in these areas.

Ian Millen, Chief Operating Officer, Dryad Maritime;

“The first three months of 2016 have visibly demonstrated the dynamic nature of maritime crime and how effective action to combat it can turn the tide in favour of the good guys. There are some welcome causes for optimism in certain regions, notably the Indian Ocean where Somali piracy remains broadly contained, and in Southeast Asia where we have seen a remarkable turnaround in a little over six months to deliver our lowest first quarter figures in a decade. In other areas, such as the Gulf of Guinea, the picture is a less positive one, with kidnap of crew for ransom rampant off the Niger Delta. Wider concerns, from the effects of civil war and concerns over maritime terrorism to the impact of humanitarian crises such as maritime migration, continue to focus the minds of all with duty of care responsibilities for ships, crew and passengers, but these are manageable issues with proper planning and support.”


You can find further analysis and a comprehensive overview in the press release for our Maritime Crime Figures for Q1, 2016 here.