Dryad at a glance…

Dryad Maritime is a company that exists to improve the working lives of mariners and their shore-based support teams, charterers and owners. Every member of our team has joined the company understanding that our mission is safety of life at sea and providing first class operational support to the maritime sector.

At Dryad, we are lucky to enjoy a very low employee turnover rate and vacancies are often filled without advertising but any vacancies we do have will be listed on these pages.

Being part of the Dryad Team means you will work in a dynamic, interesting and exciting environment. The company looks to continually develop and learn and this is reflected in our processes and interactions with each other. Sharing ideas, mentoring and coaching, and ongoing training are part of everyday life at Dryad.

Dryad staff are experts in their field, passionate about improving existing skills and learning new ones, friendly, team-focused, engaged and tireless in their pursuit of excellence in all they do. Delivering outstanding customer service to each other and to our clients is at the heart of Dryad’s values and reflected in all our relationships, internally and externally.

Our success and continual growth is directly related to the skills and effort that each member of the Dryad Maritime team brings to the organisation and to our customers and we are always happy to hear from anyone who considers they have what it takes to be part of the Dryad Team.

Dryad Maritime does not recruit or employ Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel or Maritime Security Operatives, nor does it work with any recruiters as a matter of policy. Please do not email us as it will not receive a response.

Current job openings at Dryad

We are always on the look out for prospective employees to join our growing team. If you would like to submit your CV and cover letter, we will keep this on file for a future position.

Note to Recruiters: We do not work with any recruiters as a matter of company policy. Please do not email us. Dryad Maritime is an equal opportunity employer.

Choose your team

Safety of life at sea is one of core values of Dryad Maritime and our operations and intelligence division is focused on providing unsurpassed fleet operations management, risk mitigation and intelligence to our clients.

All team members are carefully selected to ensure that Dryad provides effective analysis of current risks and operational issues; while the collective maritime experience of our staff strengthens the provision of our services with a clear understanding of the needs of seafarers and their shore-based support.

We are always looking to further improve our services and this requires a diverse range of experience and skills, so, no matter what your background, if you think you have something of value to offer Dryad, please apply.

Dryad is fortunate to have a very focused sales and marketing team with a strong background of sales in the maritime environment. Future hires would need to demonstrate a strong track record of sales success in the maritime domain and be highly experienced in consultative selling. Dryad is always alert to potential Business Development Managers with recent and in-depth knowledge of the commercial shipping industry.

Our compliance team is an essential part of ensuring that our customer service and quality offering remains of the highest standard at all times. From establishing ISO9001 practices throughout the organisation to ongoing work with each team, the compliance team ensure that the foundational processes and support mechanisms are in place for smooth and efficient company operations.

Attention to detail, a friendly and positive approach, excellent interpersonal skills, humour and tact are all essential parts of being a member of this team. Knowledge of any ISO, SHE or auditing processes are highly desirable, as all members of this team are highly qualified and outstanding individuals.

The administration teams of finance, hr, training, facilities and office management provide the support structures and order that allows other teams to function effectively. From developing policies that reflect company values through to managing office space and company finances, these teams are customer focused, friendly, flexible, able to balance many priorities and experts in their fields.

The ability to meet the needs of the company in an efficient manner, to be approachable and able to provide effective, accurate information is essential to success in these teams.

As well as being able to demonstrate outstanding technical knowledge and development skill, the Dryad IT and development team have a recognised creativity and flair for understanding the needs of the both their internal and external clients. Flexibility, willingness and ability to learn new skills, a positive approach to problem solving and a focus on customer satisfaction are essential to succeed in this team.