Dryad Maritime COO, Ian Millen, interviewed by Voice of America’s David Arnold

Voice of America’s senior editor, David Arnold, recently interviewed Dryad Maritime COO, Ian Millen, about the current status of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Ian and David discussed the five-month hiatus in Gulf of Guinea piracy and maritime crime in 2015, as well as the possible causes. The interview explored the potential impact of falling oil prices and how this might affect the profitable nature of oil related activities.

The effect of an increase in Nigerian naval activity in and around the Niger Delta was highlighted as a major contributing factor to the decline in product related piracy, rather than some commentators’ views that the hiatus was strongly related to the inauguration of the newly elected Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The discussion highlights the ever fluid and complex nature of maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and its contributing factors, providing a timely reminder of the importance of effective maritime domain awareness in high risk areas.

The full interview with Ian Millen and Voice of America can be listened to here: