The global risk picture for vessel owners and operators

The CRM provides you with a trusted source of reporting and analysis allowing you to make timely commercial and vital safety decisions as well as provide relevant recommendations. The CRM is ideal when you require constantly updated situational awareness of the ever-changing security landscape in order to guide your commercial and safety decision making process. The 24/7 access to our web based portal will also enable rapid go/no go commercial decisions without the delay caused by manual requests.
Dryad has developed a proprietary Intelligence Requirement (INTREQ) process that ensures information sources are marked to our quality and veracity standards. Countries are grouped into areas of interest and have a dedicated country page containing a quick-view risk summary as well as detailed analysis for Risk at Sea and Risk Ashore. Importantly the CRM has strict qualitative latency standards meaning that you can trust the currency of the information; each country is reviewed and updated at least weekly and all relevant incidents are reported-on within 2 hours. Our products are written by mariners, for mariners so you can be sure that we understand your needs.

Key Features

Clear, concise, cost-effective

Simple interface and concise information make it easy to understand the level of risk in the countries your vessels operate in. The Country Risk Map is also tablet and smartphone friendly.

Risk overviews for over 100 countries

Get the latest information on threats at sea and ashore in over 100 countries within regions including East and West Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, and the Mediterranean.

Unlock greater commercial opportunities

Get an at-a-glance overview of the current global risk picture from our team of leading maritime intelligence analysts, allowing you to make immediate yet informed trading decisions.

Enhance your Maritime Domain Awareness

Receive an overview of country risk levels, with information on last incidents ashore and at sea, as well as other valuable information to enhance your maritime domain awareness.

Intuitive design, simple to use

Transit and port Risk Assessments from Dryad Maritime can be ordered at the touch of a button, and pages are auto formatted to make printing easy.

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