Get 24/7 vessel tracking by our experienced mariners 365 days a year

Use Vessel Safety Monitoring to:

  • Transit safely in high risk areas
  • Guarantee uninterrupted vessel monitoring
  • Gain peace of mind with 24/7 coverage
  • Receive dynamic routing advice around emergent threats
  • Minimise disruption and negate the need for lengthy diversions
  • Save money by reducing reliance on private maritime security services

When transiting through maritime areas of High Risk, we recommend you use our Vessel Safety Monitoring Service for full peace of mind that the safety of your vessels and crews is being closely monitored and in the context of the most up to date intelligence picture.

Provided by our team of experienced mariners, our vessel safety monitoring service provides 24/7/365, man-in-the-loop security support for you, your vessels and your crew offering both comfort and guidance in high risk areas.
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