Arise TV News speaks to Dryad’s Ian Millen about Gulf of Guinea Piracy

Dryad’s COO, Ian Millen was recently invited to appear on Arise TV News to discuss maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and, in particular, the concerns regarding the number of crew hijackings that have taken place in the region this year.

Speaking to Arise News’ Petrie Hosken, Ian explains that it is the complicated nature of the security situation in the Gulf of Guinea that makes finding a solution to its piracy issue more challenging. He says that unlike the Indian Ocean or a failed state like Somalia, the Gulf of Guinea is made up of many different sovereign nation states, each with a responsibility to protect their own maritime regions, balancing their own jurisdictional limitations and capabilities, whilst trying as best they can to deal with the problem. It is for this reason why we do not see hot pursuit between borders and the provision of armed guards being employed on vessels; things that pirates operating in the region are able to exploit.

Compared to the piracy we have seen off the coast of Somalia, Gulf of Guinea piracy also tends to be far more violent in nature, with pirates not afraid to engage in a firefight with armed guards or even government forces to achieve their goals. Ian believes that a solution can only be found through a joined up approach and encourages those nations in West Africa to engage with the international community to ensure they get the support they need to combat the threat, whilst retaining full control over their own borders and maritime regions.

You can watch Ian’s full interview below:


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