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Dryad provides expert ‘end to end training’, adhering to best practice, able to adapt to our clients needs and constraints to deliver the best and most effective training possible.

Our client’s needs are often complex and varied, including training in:

Identifying threats, evasive manoeuvring and Self Protective Measures.

Conflict resolution with armed criminals and pirates after they get onboard.

Command and Leadership in stressful and dangerous situations for Masters and Skippers.

Operating in a high intensity conflict zone.

Training the Trainer (Teaching Subject Matter Experts to train).

Presentation skills.

How can we help you?

Expert Training Needs Analysis:

Job/task analysis.
Our maritime training experts are able to identify the skills required of an individual in a specific job in a specific circumstance so that the customer will be as well trained as possible to deal with that situation. We also examine knowledge, skills and attitudes of the target audience to ensure we train respectfully at an appropriate level.

Course design.
Course design takes into account the job/task analysis, time and budget available to deliver the most appropriate and effective training solution possible. It also addresses the requirement for pre-course learning and knowledge testing, face to face and practical training, on job training, continuation training and mentoring.

Delivery process design.
Delivery process design includes Training Media Analysis (TMA) to get the right delivery method for the circumstances and able to suit the needs of the various learning styles. We are also able to cater for individuals with learning difficulties. The process of delivery may include any combination of internet hosted Computer Based Training (CBT); training videos; practical instruction and exercises.

Validation/ assurance process.
Our experts continually monitor the effectiveness of the training, identify and deal with any emergent training gaps and manage and mitigate for skill fade. This is the final process in a tightly run and professional training organisation.

Your training is in the hands of maritime experts.