Latest News: Dryad Advisory Somaila July 2008

Trauma Risk Management

Any vessel’s most valuable asset is always its people and looking after their welfare must be a priority especially in potentially dangerous situations.

Being subject to Maritime Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Maritime and incidents such as fire, Man overboard and accidents can lead to severe psychological damage to the people involved, causing harm to them and loss of the vessel’s efficiency.

Dryad can offer Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) services to clients with wide ranging needs. We can employ the services of in-house and external maritime TRiM experts who can provide:

Trim services:
Pre leaving questionnaires and assessment,
Training of local TRiM practitioners (eg one or two per vessel)
Counselling following a traumatic incident,
Post deployment questionnaires.

Managing the 'Emotional Cycle of Deployment':
Mariner and family information.
Pre and post deployment questionnaires assessment
Management of the 'Emotional Cycle of Deployment'

Anonymous support line/email:
Anonymous support and the ability to talk through personal problems to an objective person can mean that people who are struggling to cope are helped before they break

Psychological services are essential in organisations with sound corporate governance and accurate contemporary recording may protect the company or organisation against subsequent liability claims.

People are the organisation’s most important asset and their welfare is essential.