Latest News: Dryad Advisory Somaila July 2008

Operational planning and other connected services

Passage planning

Dryad is often asked to provide expert contribution to passage plans to comment on the threat and advice on planning methods to counter it.

Doctrine and documentation

The team at Dryad include world renowned experts on maritime warfare, terrorism and human traffic. Our team are able write or edit company advice, doctrine ad SOPS to deal with a wide range of issues from how to prevent a pirate attack, dealing with a suicide bomb attack at sea and assisting a sinking boat filled with illegal immigrants without having to embark them.

Press and Media

Dryad is experienced in providing subject matter expert opinion to all forms of media. We are always keen to provide this service in order to encourage informed media coverage of the threat of maritime crime at sea.


We can provide consultants to provide face to face briefings to Captains, Crews and Security teams as well as consult on a wider range of issues.

Trauma Risk Management