Latest News: Dryad Advisory Somaila July 2008

Maritime Intelligence Products

Our intelligence products are derived from an analysis made by an experienced maritime warfare operator using our Maritime Domain Awareness generation process. For more detail on how we compile the intelligence click here (link to the MDA page). We can provide you with the format most appropriate to your needs but we find the following products are the most popular:

Monthly Intelligence Brief.

Our most popular product is our monthly regional intelligence briefs. We currently provide regular high grade intelligence briefs on:

Indian Ocean
Gulf of Aden
Persian Gulf
Malacca Strait

Although intelligence and analysis on the threat in any maritime area worldwide is also possible. The report is a detailed, vessel specific threat forecast and includes:

An executive summary
A detailed breakdown of the four environments; hostile, naval, neutral shipping and environmental factors as well as photographs of threat and local traffic vessels (where available), screen shots and diagrams.
A summary of threat specific self protective measures.

A section on tactical considerations including:

Environmental impact
Radar effectiveness modelling
Maximum ranges and maximum effective ranges of weapons used by local groups
Modus operandi of local groups
Recommended radar and radio silence grid
Details of locally run HF mutual support communications frequencies
Useful contact numbers in the area

Route and area threat assessments

Dryad also provide route and area specific reports and analysis tailored to the client’s needs. This service is available for destinations and routes worldwide.