Latest News: Dryad Advisory Somaila July 2008

Who Are We?

Dryad is a new commercial Intelligence company that provides reliable, accurate and accessible intelligence to mariners worldwide. Our staff are all former Royal Navy maritime warfare officers who are subject matter experts in threat assessment, passage planning, routing and tactics to prevent, deter and manage attacks.

Dryad uses our own network of contacts in the area, our own experience of maritime operations, systematic analysis of the epidemiology and our own ‘operational tactical picture’ to provide a swift and accurate assessment of the situation.

We are a commercial organisation, unconnected with the Government or Military. As such, we are free of the bounds of classification. We aim to find the reality between raw reporting figures and the official line. Dryad aims to provide faster analysis than official and press sources and we are free to draw our own impartial conclusions.

We are specialist in providing Piracy, Human Traffic and Maritime Terrorism advice and our team includes the world renowned terrorism expert Professor Max Taylor of St Andrews University Centre for the Study of Political Violence and Terrorism.

What Do We Provide?