Graeme Gibbon-Brooks MNI MIExpE MSyI Lt Cdr Graeme Gibbon-Brooks MNI MIExpE MSyI RN (Rtd)

Very recently retired from the Royal Navy after a career as a Mine Clearance Diver and Above Water Warfare Specialist, Graeme is Dryad’s Chief Executive. Latterly in his career, Graeme spent a year researching the nature, behaviour and challenges posed by the piratical, terrorist and Human Trafficking threat. He has served extensively in the Middle East and East Africa and his experiences in these theatres led to the development of the Wide Area Picture as a counter measure against the small boat threat. Graeme is widely experienced in all aspects of the suppression of illegal activity at sea and Maritime Counter Terrorism variously as a bomb disposal officer, under water saboteur, Officer of the Watch but mostly in conventional anti surface and air warfare.