Get a comprehensive analysis of threats in your areas of operation

Use Transit & Port Risk Assessments to:

  • Identify the threats that have the potential to affect your operations
  • Understand what level of danger exists in the regions you are operating in
  • Decide whether it is safe to transit without armed guards
  • Assess viability of commercial opportunities in risk areas
  • Receive clear recommendations on risk mitigation measures at sea and ashore
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes to port security, operational restrictions and government regulations
  • Reduce your maritime security costs

Insufficient or inaccurate maritime domain awareness increases the risk of falling victim to maritime crime, whilst conversely, over estimating threats can impact on your operational costs through the use of unnecessary protection measures for the areas you operate in.

Transit and Port Risk Assessments from Dryad Maritime can provide you with an impartial overview of the situation, helping to inform maritime security decisions ahead of transits. These can dramatically reduce your maritime security costs by recommending only the services appropriate for the level of risk you face.
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